Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We're Baaaack!

"Ok. So it's been awhile." No wait, let's start over.

"Hey, how ya been?" Too casual?

Erm, how's "sorry it's taken us almost 5 years to bring back SisterCritics" suit you? Better? Good, now moving on...

We've (Julie and Shawna) been pretty busy these last few years and no excuse is really going to be good enough for why we've let you down. (Do you like how we're assuming you care? Good, cause it makes us feel better about ourselves.) But we've dug deep and realized that we missed doing SisterCritics as much as you loved reading it and disagreeing with us by eventually throwing your computers against the wall. So you're welcome. We're back.

"But wait Shawna and Julie, you've tempted us before, what can we expect from you this time?" Well how about ridiculously AMAZING movie reviews and a bit of insider info that you would have to, like, read on another website to find!? We'll try to bring back as much of the DVD reviews, TV reviews, and our general superiority in all categories of media to the site. So bear with us until we get things really rocking and in the meantime, here's a picture of a gorilla and a bicycle I saw while driving down Vine St. a few weeks ago. Enjoy.

Only in Hollywood.

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sweetnote said...

I for one would like to say "YIPPEE It's about time!" Looking forward to it!